Project Description

Janith was a senior member of the school radio club since 2008. In 2013 (age 17) Janith realized that there is a problem in the radio club that can be solved by creating a software. The problem was all the period bells, morning programs were played manually by a person, so there were so many issues with this manual system. With his knowledge in VB.NET Janith created a fully automated Bell System named “Autobell”. It was able to run all the bells, morning programs & other playbacks without the need of a user. It had a two-level user security to ensure that no-one can adjust the timers without permissions. Also, it was able to shut down the computer automatically when the school was ended at 1.30 p.m. He submitted this software to the “Young Computer Scientist” competition organized by FITIS & Education Ministry of Sri Lanka. He was able to won the 3rd place in senior category (Sabaragamuwa District) in 2014 (age 18). He made the Autobell source code available to the public in 2019.