Bio of Janith Udayanga.

Janith Udayanga Siriwardhana was born on 22nd March 1996 in Ratnapura general hospital. His mother, B.H.S. Dhanawardhana is the Assistant District Secretary of Ratnapura. His father, P.B.Siriwardhana is working as a Sub-Construction contractor. He also has a sister I.U.Siriwardhana who was born in 2002. On 2001, He went to “Snoopy Preschool” which was in Ratnapura. On 2002, he started his education in Sivali Central College.

In his first five years at Sivali Central College he (Janith Udayanga Siriwardhana) was engaged in Boy scouts and various other activities. After he successfully passed the grade 5 scholarship examination his parents decided to bought him a computer as a present. He was very interested in this computer. First, He used the computer for what the all kids do with a computer, playing games. But after few months later, he was more curious in how the computer works. So, with the help of some books & few trips to the computer repair shop later (to undo the mess he has done to his computer while he was learning), at the age of 12 he was able to assemble & disassemble his own computer and repair it on his own.

After learning about the hardware of the computer, He moved on to the software. He began self-learning Visual Basic language & created some very basic programs as a first step. He (Janith Udayanga Siriwardhana) also had a interest in computer games developing. At the age of 15, with the help of some tools he found online, He was able to access the source of a video game named GTA Sanandreas. He modded the game & added a 3d model of his school, supermarkets & stores in Ratnapura into that game. Also, he had ideas of translating & dubbing the entire game to Sinhalese, but realizing that modding & distributing the game without the permission from original developers can led to troubles, he shut down the entire project.
In 2012 (age 16) with the help of School ICT teacher, Janith & his fellow friends formed the first ICT society of Sivali Central College named “Intec”. Janith was elected as the first secretary of the ICT society. Also, they successfully organized the first ICT day of Sivali Central Collage named “Intec Sivali 2012” in May 2012. When Janith was in Grade 10 (age 15) he studied drama & theater as a subject for his O\L Examination. This subject caught his interest and he began watching stage dramas as a hobby. While waiting for his O\L Examination results in 2013 he even joined a stage drama team in Ratnapura & performed few stage dramas with them. Also, while waiting for his O\L Examination results in 2013 (age 17), Janith started his very 1st blog named “Tech Tricks Lanka” in Google blogger platform with the nickname of “JZero”. It was a huge hit back in the days with more than 10,000 daily page views & was ranked among the top 50 websites in Sri Lanka by in 2013. It even had a Google PageRank(PR) score of 3 back in 2013. But with the start of Janith’s Advanced Level education he didn’t had enough time to maintain the blog so he gave it to a fellow blogger to continue the project (Janith is still the administrator of the blog today).

After successfully passing the O\L Examination, Janith decided to continue his education in Commerce stream with ICT as a subject (He studied Accounting, Economics & Information Communication Technology as subjects). Janith was a senior member of the school radio club since 2008. In 2013 (age 17) he realized that there is a problem in the radio club that can be solved by creating a software. The problem was all the period bells, morning programs were played manually by a person, so there were so many issues with this manual system. With his self learned knowledge in VB.NET he created a fully automated software named “Autobell”. It was able to run all the bells, morning programs & other playbacks without the need of a user. Also, it was able to shut down the computer automatically when the school was ended at 1.30 p.m. He submitted this software to the “Young Computer Scientist” competition organized by FITIS & Education Ministry of Sri Lanka. He was able to won the 3rd place in senior category (Sabaragamuwa District) in 2014 (age 18).

Janith was also the leader of the ICT committee of school commerce association in 2014 (age 18). During his time period as the leader of the ICT committee, he developed a quiz presenting software to use in annual quiz competition “Sarasisi Star” that was held by school commerce association. It had features such as Timers, Point System, Quiz Rounds Organizing. The aim was to use that software in quiz competitions as the quiz presenting program instead of PowerPoint Presentations which was had a lot of issues when used for quiz competitions. Unfortunately, the project was not developed further due to Janith’s limited time availability because he was facing Advanced Level Examination(2015) next year.